In an ever-changing world of visual technology, we have long experience of providing wholly
integrated installations, including home cinema, that complement individual needs and aesthetics. 

Keeping up with the pace of change in video technology is not easy. Atlantis can advise and recommend on the innovations and systems that really make a difference, cutting through the acronyms and jargon to provide the right specification for your needs now and in the future. 

As always with Atlantis, aesthetic considerations are paramount. Whether using one of our artful metamorphic frames to hide the screen from view when not in use, or specifying the perfect kit to harmonise with proportions and décor, we understand that video should enhance rather than dominate its environment.

Similarly in home cinema, where the screen is the focal point of the room, our installations begin and end with the specific properties of each individual space. Creating a bespoke experience that combines state of the art technology with the endlessly different demands of each client.


TV Room Cinema
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