We’re reaching out to those hard-to-reach places, with affordable, fast, reliable internet connectivity. For streaming, multiple users, remote working and home automation – we’ve got you covered! Elegant, unobtrusive, intelligent installations. No lengthy waiting period.

Fibre installation too pricey? Satellite too slow? If you can’t seem to find an affordable, reliable internet connection for your home, you are not alone! After 15 years in the Home Automation industry, setting up smart homes for clients in outlying areas, we know just how frustrating it can be when your connectivity options are limited – or even non-existent. That’s why Atlantis has recently set up a brand new division, Atlantis Connect, specialising in the supply and installation of LTE/4G connectivity to the home.

Huge advances in mobile 4G technology mean that Atlantis Connect is now able to offer broadband connectivity with speeds of 25–45Mbps, in areas that have up to now been broadband poor.


With our extensive experience in networking and home automation, you can be assured of the highest degree or professionalism, quality workmanship and products. Every installation is intelligent, elegant and unobtrusive. Whether you’re in need of a streamlined home automation solution – or simply connectivity that works, we invite you to contact us for your free survey.

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